SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 2 - During the mobility

Unit 4: How does it work?

When to deliver the Tasks Map to students?

The Tasks Map questionnaire is delivered to students 2 weeks after the beginning of the internship (for 3 up to 5 weeks projects). For shorter internships, the Tasks Map can be used after at least 5 working days.

The questionnaire is delivered during a follow-up meeting, to all the students at the same time.

Only students, teachers and a training tutor from the intermediate organization attend the meeting, the host company tutor doesn’t participate in it.

The tutor from the host company is required to answer the same questionnaire (the tutor version), on the same day.

He/she replies referring to his/her observation of the student while performing the tasks.

It’s important that the tutor answers the questionnaire not earlier than 8-10 days after the beginning of the internship, and that the results are not delivered to the students before the follow-up meeting.

It is important in order to avoid any bias in the students’ answers.

How does it work ?

During a follow-up meeting with the intermediary organization, the students give their feedback about the general experience, the tasks they are performing and the relation they are building with the staff they are working with.

Each student should provide their feedback trying to avoid generalisations such as good or bad.

The meeting facilitator should encourage to describe the experience, in all its aspects, using different adjectives.

When all the students have expressed their opinions, they are asked to connect to the on-line Tasks Map questionnaire with their mobiles. If it’s not possible, a laptop or tablet should be made available for each student.

After acceeding to the Tasks Map page, each student selects the sector of their internship from the available list.

Later, students rate to what extent they agree with each statement.

It’s important to stress that there is no right or wrong answer.

The results of the questionnaire are visualized on the device screen. The students can receive the results also on their e-mail, to keep them.

Once all the students have their results, the facilitator shows the Tasks Map Grid, describing the meaning of each score.

The grid helps them understand if their score corresponds to a strong or weak skill activation. It can also be accessed directly by the students from the Tasks Map main page, under “Results Description Sheet”.

At this step, the students also receive by e-mail the results of the questionnaire completed by their host company tutor.

The student can easily compare the results of self-evaluation (the answers given by themselves) and external observation (given by the tutor) using the “Result Comparison” feature available on the Tasks Map main page. He/she can introduce the final score per each skill according to their own responses on the left side, and the score related to the tutor’s responses on the right side. By clicking on the “Compare Results” button below, the student generates a graphic representation of the differences between their own perception of their soft skills, against the perception of the tutor. This additional feature makes it easier for the students to understand if they have a realistic perception of their skills. 

This comparison reflects students’ level of self-awareness and any possible difference in the student’s and tutor’s perception.

The facilitator should discuss the results individually with each student.