SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 2 - During the mobility

Unit 1: What is the SkillsAct4Vet Tasks Map?

Short definition

The SkillsAct Tasks Map is an online, customized questionnaire to induct students to self-reflection and self-awareness.

It is targeted at young VET students who take part in short-term work internships abroad and is specific to different work sectors and job profiles.

The students are asked to indicate to what extent they agree with some very simple statements related to their experience.

The questions link a sample of 5 tasks (that the student usually performs at work) to 3 behavioural descriptive elements for each of the 5 identified SkillsAct transversal skills.

The same questionnaire is submitted to the tutor from the host company – the person who is in charge of student supervision and observes him/her during tasks performing.

The tutor in the company is usually the person the students spend most of the time with, and plays a key role in the learning and adaptation process.

The answers that the student and the tutor give in their questionnaires are later compared to show if there is a difference between the student’s and tutor’s perception of the soft skills activation.

The results of the questionnaire will be read according to the Tasks Map Grid, that will help students better understand their behaviour.

Difficulties to which the Tasks Map responds

The work-based learning experience abroad is an ideal situation in which students express their behaviors and attitudes and it constitutes a perfect scenario to activate a process of self-reflection and critical awareness around transversal skills.

Although they are widely considered a key contributor to young people’s employability and a fundament of ‘success in life’, soft skills cannot be ‘measured’, or ‘taught’ as subjects.

They can be trained and acquired through adequate strategies and methodologies that can effectively facilitate their development, starting from the core of personal experience during learning, work-related or social activities in formal, informal or non formal contexts.

In the frame of the general objective of SkillsAct Project, the Tasks Map responds to the following needs:

  • helping the students to make the best of their learning mobility experience abroad;
  • helping them gain a deeper personal awareness and understanding of their own transversal skills set;
  • helping them lead to a process of continuous improvement of their way of acting in a learning situation;
  • facilitating soft skills activation during the mobility abroad;
  • facilitating tasks allocation by host company tutor, in order to optimize soft skills activation;
  • providing a practical tool for institutional actors involved in learning mobility projects to facilitate soft skills activation