SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 3 - After the mobility

Unit 1: Online test: the self-assessment tool

What is a test?

Psychological tests are tools to “measure” certain aspects of human mind, like personality features and intelligence. The stimuli that constitute these tests, called “items”, are strictly standardised and administered in an equally standardised way. That is precisely what guarantees the repeatability of the test.

There are two main categories of questionnaires:

  1. Maximum performance test: requires the participant to try to get the best possible result. In this kind of test there are correct and wrong answers to the items, and the number of correct answers determines the score. The intelligence questionnaire is a classic example of the maximum performance test.
  2. Typical performance test: measures characteristics such as personality or attitudes. Items typically consist of phrases that describe a behaviour or inclination towards a particular action. The participant must express his/her degree of agreement or the frequency with which they perform that behaviour. There is no correct answer in this type of questions because the purpose is to detect the subject’s point of view. In this category, there are two different groups of tests:
  • Projective tests – present intentionally ambiguous visual stimuli to investigate hidden and unconscious psychological elements. They are usually used to examine the personality of the responder. Rorschach test is an example of this group of tests.
  • Objective psychological tests – present a structured and unique stimulus to the participant. They are usually used to measure the competences and the behaviours of the responders, not just personality elements. SkillsAct self-assessment is a test of this kind.

What is the SkillsAct self-assessment?

The online self-assessment tool is designed for the students to measure their soft skills through a questionnaire. It is easy to use and can be done by the students themselves.

The five soft skills are measured through multiple-choice questions.

The SkillsAct test is based on the SkillsAct Model, which describes the following five soft-skills: Adaptability and context reading, Self confidence, Followership, Cultural awareness and Proactivity.


The assessment must be done shortly (one day, maybe) before the students’ return home.

Aim of the tool

This test makes it possible to measure the strengths and improvement regarding the soft skills considered.