SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 3 - After the mobility


Presentation of Module 3

This module focuses on activities to be undertaken by trainers and students after the mobility experience abroad.

First, the module presents the SkillsAct self-assessment tool, which measures the strengths and improvement regarding the soft skills considered. It also includes instructions on how to use it. 

Further, you can find instructions on how to interpret the results of the self- assessment, presented in the SkillsAct report and the SkillsAct passport.

Finally, there are useful tips and instructions on how to prepare students for a job interview.

Learning outcomes

  • Acquiring a definition of SkillsAct self-assessment
  • Measuring the strengths of students regarding the soft skills included in the SkillsAct4VET model
  • Identifying areas of improvement for students
  • Guiding students to the next step – a job interview

How to use the module

The trainers will be able to guide students to:

  • conduct their online self-assessment
  • interpret the results using the SkillsAct passport and report
  • analyze the results and identify areas for improvement
  • prepare themselves for a job interview