SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 1 - Before the mobility


Presentation of Module 1

This is an introductory module focused on structured preparatory actions to be implemented before the mobility.

The module addresses each of the five skills in five separate units, each of which contains five sections: an introduction with a short definition of the skill and the difficulties it responds to, behavioural indicators for identifying each skill, an explanation of the importance of the skill for mobility students and the subskills associated with it and relevant sources.

At the end of each unit, there are two exercises, with detailed steps on how to carry them out with students.

Learning outcomes

  • Familiarization with skills-based training
  • Understanding of the essence of each skill of the Skills Act model
  • Knowledge about how to train each skill with relevant activities and exercises

How to use the module

The trainers will be able to guide students to:

  • develop a basic understanding of each one of the five skills of the Skills Act model
  • obtain awareness on how these skills can be activated in practice
  • interact as a group and express their dynamics in structured, interesting exercises and activities