SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 1 - Before the mobility

Exercise 2

Building self-confidence of the students in different professional roles by taking part in a team role play

Materials needed

The teacher should provide a detailed description of the student’s professional role, the concrete professional situation he/she is in and expected tasks to be done.

In order to guide the student, the role-play task’s description should include the following elements:

  • Obtain essential information about a situation;
  • Focus on the key objectives;
  • Recognize the relevant options available for a solution;
  • Select an appropriate course of action and set in motion an implementation plan to get the job done;
  • Results orientation – knowing what results are important and focusing resources to achieve them;
  • Compliance with quality, service and productivity standards, meeting deadlines, and settings and achieving goals.

Estimated time needed

The teacher should present and assign the tasks in 10-25 minutes during the class work. After that, the students should have several days to prepare their tasks as homework. The role play should last 45 to 60 minutes.

Description and guidelines

The main idea is to put the students in a real-life professional situation in different roles inside one company/factory/ restaurant etc. From the role as a leader (a person responsible for the workflow) to the role as a worker (a person who must follow strict working processes).

In order to recreate as much as possible a real-life professional situation and build student’s self-confidence the task should set the working scene as follows:

  1. 1. Identify the setting  –  an office/company/restaurant, ect.
  2. Provide the small details about the working tools and instruments.
  3. 3. Assign roles at different levels inside the job hierarchy.

Act the role play: all the students act according to their assigned roles and confront each other through interrogation, argument, conflict or problem solving, so as to create a complex situation.

Assessment and discussion

The post role play discussion is important to understand the learning outcomes of the exercise. The more the students talk about it, the more confidence they will feel in a similar situation in the future.

A role-play reflecting a professional situation can bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-life skills required for managing/working in a company. The role game will introduce the students to the real working environment and help them:

  • Practice problem solving and leadership skills;
  • Carry out a self-evaluation of skills;
  • Realise what skills they need to improve on;
  • Understand what being in a real working situation means.