SkillsAct4Vet – Training

Module 1 - Before the mobility

Exercise 1

Walking in others’ shoes

Split students into groups. Give each student the name of a “persona” (famous person, or representative of a certain profession, or tourist, etc.) of the hosting country. Let each student describe a typical day in the life of that “persona”. They can focus on details (how the persona gets up, has breakfast, uses transport, etc.). Ask students to note down the possible problems the “persona” faces during the day. Encourage students to find possible solutions to the problems the “persona” might encounter.

Use the debriefing cube to reflect on the exercise:

The debriefing cube is published in play14 website (

Link to the debriefing cube

How to use the debriefing cube:

Τhe goals of the debriefing cube are :

1) helping students understanding the goals of the exercise,

2) exploring the process:  the events that happened  during the exercise and the group dynamics, 3) exploring the communication inside the group : what they heard, thought and said,

4) exploring the emotions they felt during the process

5) exploring what they found inspirational or interesting.

The debriefing cube contains many questions, each divided into sub-questions. Teachers do not have to use them all. First of all, explore the cards with questions and sub-questions and select those most meaningful to you. You can also observe what is going on inside the groups and select cards accordingly.

Then, you can print and cut them to form cards that you can give to students. Next step is to organize the debriefing groups, which should be the same as they were during the exercise. Distribute the cards in the order you decided and ask the students to self-organize by taking turns to explore the cards. Set the ending time for the debriefing and plan some extra time for sharing their discoveries. Next step is to invite the students to take turns selecting cards and start a discussion with the question at the top. Encourage them to explore several cards within the timebox. Eventually bring everyone back together to share what they have discovered.